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If you are not successful in raising capital we provide you with our 20 page feedback report to help you get investor ready. You can come back to us anytime for another go.

“appreciate the feedback”

We really appreciate the feedback. We will adopt your recommendations, and communicate with you once we have fulfilled the criteria you outlined in your report. We should be in contact in the next few weeks. Kind Regards, Hugh

“valuable feedback and insights”

Thank you very much for providing your valuable feedback and insights. We will definitely take your suggestions on board and come back to you with a stronger business plan. Regards, Hari

“valuable feedback”

Thank you very much for the valuable feedback.

I will work on the needed tasks and get back to you once I have had the progress to this point. Regards, Sven

“constructive feedback”

Thank you for your constructive feedback. We are working on all the part touched in your feedback. We would tidy up a little bit more to be more investment ready.Once again thank you for your time. Regards, Lookman

“very helpful”

We knew that we did not have all information for an investor. We do not want to complete the pitch and fixing later. So, it was very helpful. Much appreciated. We will go back and improve the points you raised. Kind Regards, Charles

“thank you”

Thank you for taking the time to review and for pitching to investors. We actually recently got into a new incubator program but we will still look at the other options you suggested. We will continue to improve and let you know. Kind regards, Stefan

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We invest up to $250,000 of our own funds and also raise between $250,000 to $10 Million from our angel investors and venture capital firms.