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North American Fund

Invest in Australian Companies just before they go public in North America

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Fund Strategy

Invest in innovative Australia companies expanding into North America with proven business models, credible management teams, and commercially ready products. The fund is available to accredited and wholesale investors only.

The Fund invests in the ‘last mile’ before the public listing of Australian companies on the Canadian and US stock exchanges. This pre-IPO strategy is to ensure the Fund limits the period of time it holds unlisted equities and provides investors with exposure to the North American capital markets.

Fund Features

The Shape Capital North American Fund provides exclusive access to Australian companies listing in Canada and USA. Some of the fund features include:

Investors limited to accredited and wholesale clients only
Minimum Investment: $25,000 (no maximum limit)
Redemption available after first 12 months
40% profit distribution per annum. 60% retained for re-investment.
Dividend/Distributions paid annually.

Reasons Why Australian Companies Go Public in North America

  1. Gain Access to Capital & Future Financing Opportunities
    Listing provides access to public venture capital and financing for expansion of operations, hiring or acquisitions.
  2. Facilitate Growth via M&A
    As a public company, shares can be used as consideration to acquire target companies, as an alternative to cash. Using liquid shares as acquisition consideration can be a tax-efficient and cost-effective means to finance acquisitions.
  3. Increase Visibility and Prestige
    Going public enhances visibility and market awareness. Greater public awareness gained through media coverage, publicly filed documents and coverage of their shares by sector investment analysts can provide companies with a higher profile and credibility.
  4. Provide Liquidity for Shareholders Including Investors
    Becoming a public company establishes a market for a company’s shares, providing investors with an efficient and regulated vehicle in which to trade their shares. Greater liquidity in the public market can often lead to better valuation than would be achieved as a private company.

Multiple Public Markets

Innovative Australian companies listing on the CSE, TSX, TSXV, NASDAQ and NYSE.

Unlike Australia, North America has multiple public markets and stock exchanges that support both early stage innovative companies ‘public venture capital’ and large cap global firms.

The fund will invest in companies with commercially ready products, generating revenue with a proven business model, have products, services and solutions that have a global addressable market, and have a proven management team.