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Investment and Advisory Firm Shape Capital Has Developed Comprehensive Tools to Help Start-Ups Find Investors

NOV 15, 2017. Shape Capital, an investment and advisory firm, has launched a range of comprehensive tools to help start-ups find investors. The firm has access to a large global network of angel investors and venture capital firms and will assist startups and growth companies with finding investors, raising capital, and mergers and acquisitions. Shape Capital’s comprehensive tools include more than 50 free guides, worksheets, and pitch deck templates.

“These are terrific free resources all available in one place for start-ups looking for investors and raising capital,” says Anoosh Manzoori, CEO of Shape Capital. “The process can be overwhelming for start-ups, and we are here to provide that support and ensure that they are ready. We work with start-ups to connect them to our distribution network of more than 20,000 investors.”  

Shape Capital provides some great samples and templates that make the creation process easier for start-ups. One of them is a pitch deck template, which investors use to make decisions about investing in the business. A pitch deck is a presentation used to inform potential investors about the business, product, market, traction, and financials. There are also templates for a one-page business plan and a marketing mix, which is useful for determining how best to entice people already working with a business to engage with what the business is trying to accomplish.

Shape Capital also offers a number of free guides. One of Shape Capital’s free guides focuses on angel investors, who typically invest in a range of $100,000 to $2,000,000 in each deal. For larger deals, angel investors form syndicates and invest in a group or they invest alongside venture capital firms. This guide provides insights into how angel investors work. Another free guide explores the venture capitalists’ mindset, helping start-ups to understand how venture capitalist operate, the risks they are prepared to take, and types of deals they do.

Shape Capital is focused primarily on technology companies including software, cloud, managed services, security and identity, hosting, mobile applications, application services, and more. The company also services life science, medical devices, and clean tech companies. For more information, visit ShapeCapital.com.au

About Shape Capital

The Shape Capital team is industry seasoned, comprising experienced corporate professionals and entrepreneurs who have successfully taken companies from start up to scale to exit. The company’s team members have an innate understanding of the challenges of growing and shaping a successful technology business. For more information, visit ShapeCapital.com.au.

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