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Polygon Fund – Our Private Investment Company

We co-invest up to $250,000 of our own funds in each successful capital raise.

Co-Investment Strategy

Polygon is a Private Investment Company affiliated with Shape Capital. Polygon co‑invest alongside venture capital firms, private equity firms, corporate venture funds, and other angel investors. When raising capital for our clients we like to back them by offering to co-invest at the same time as other investors.

We invest on the same terms as everyone else and always take a very small minority shareholding.

Our co-investment provides confidence to other investors that we believe in the companies we are promoting.


We only invest in smart, driven entrepreneurs. We know the best way to work with our portfolio companies is by supporting them through the frequent and difficult management decisions.

This means we listen, ask questions, and leave the final decision to our trusted entrepreneurs.

Any Industry – Any Stage – Global

We invest in any industry and at any stage from idea stage to later stage or IPO.

We are also happy to invest in companies located in any country (a few exceptions apply where there are political uncertainties)

We are agnostic to industry, stage of business and geographic location. Our main motivation for investing is driven by the founders and their team.