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Get Exclusive Access To Private Companies

You don’t need to be part of a big venture capital fund to get access to quality private companies.

Exclusive Deal Flow

We review thousands of companies every year.

Dividends & Growth

Don’t miss out! We have access to promising startups and also established companies that are profitable.

Extensive Research

We provide relevant research on venture capital & private equity investment trends that relate to each investment opportunity.

Our Promise

1. We only present companies to you if we also commit to co-investing in the company. We back every deal we present to you.

2. We do not accept advertising fees from companies wishing to be featured in our Investor Newsletters. Companies only get featured if they pass our due diligence and detailed review.

Receive full access to our exclusive deal flow of investment opportunities

Exclusive deal flow of investment opportunities
Access startups and established companies
Exclusive alerts on new Pre-IPO

Investor Benefits

Quality Companies & Quality Pitch Decks

We do not advertise our investment opportunities. We offer each investment opportunity after we conduct a detailed review and are prepared to co-invest and back the company ourselves.

For each company we provide quality pitch deck and investor presentations. If you have interest in a company we can also provide due diligence materials.

Private Equity Research

We have access to a number of leading investment banking platforms that provide real time data of capital raising and M&A activity by venture capital and private equity funds worldwide.

We can view which companies are receiving investment from venture capital and private equity funds. We gain insights into each investment round, valuation, deal structure and more. We provide you with this valuable research to help you to make an informed decision of each investment opportunity.

Share Price Matters!

For private companies, it is essential that you buy at the right price and also have available relevant protections. These could include a robust shareholders agreements, preference shares, and other safeguard protections.

We negotiate valuations and terms with each company before we present them to you.

Our aim to ensure both company founders and investors are happy with the valuation and terms.

Receive full access to our exclusive deal flow of investment opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your service different?
We receive large numbers of private companies looking for investment. Unlike others:

1. We do not accept advertising by companies.

2. Every company has to pass our due diligence criteria to get featured.

3. We negotiate valuations and terms before presenting companies to you.

4. We back every deal! We will co-invest in every opportunity we present to you.

5. We conduct extensive research into previous capital raising and M&A activity relevant to each opportunity. We make this research available to you.

Is Shape Capital Licensed under ASIC?
Yes! Shape Capital is an investment and advisory firm, operating under a financial services license. Corporate Authorised Representative of AFSL No: 224034
Am I obligated to invest?
No! You are under no obligation to invest in any of the companies we present to you. It is entirely your choice and we recommend you seek independent advice before investing.
What industry and stage of business to do you cover?
We receive thousands of applications every year from companies looking for investment. They come from every industry imaginable.

We have access to promising early stage companies, growth companies, high yield dividend paying companies and pre-IPO companies.

Are there any fees for investing?
We do not charge investors any fees for investing in the companies we represent. We charge the companies a success fee but will re-invest a portion of this fee back into the company and take a minor shareholding.

Our investment is done on the same valuation and terms as other investors. We provide full disclosure.