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Free Fundraising Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck Template, Business Plan Canvas, 1 Page Business Plan and Market Mix


Free Pitch Deck Template

Investors use your pitch deck to make decisions about investing in your business.

A pitch deck is a presentation, often created using PowerPoint, used to provide potential investors with an overview of your business, product, market, traction, and financials. Download the sample pitch deck template.

Business Model Canvas

Use the Business Model Canvas to help with your pitch deck

The Business Model Canvas is a one page overview that lays out both what you do (or want to do), and how you go about doing it.

The Business Model Canvas is useful for both existing and new businesses.

1 Page Business Plan

A business plan is a structured description of how you do what you do. The plan needs to articulate the problem the business proposes to solve, a vision for how that will be accomplished, and what uniquely qualifies you to do that.

The plan should also include an introduction to the management team, a marketing plan, an operations and financial plan, and any other requirements. This means covering all the different aspects that an investor might be interested in.

Marketing Mix

The Marketing Mix worksheet is structured to help you examine your work from the perspective of your customers and stakeholders. The elements involved all influence the judgements people might make about what you do, helping you understand better those areas which may need attention when trying to achieve real impact.

The Marketing Mix can be useful for determining how you entice the people you’re working with, to engage with what you’re trying to do.