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Guides to Finding Angel Investors & Venture Capital

Shape Capital’s guides help you become an expert in raising capital. We’ll walk you through your funding options, how to find investors, and much more.


Angel Investors invest in the order of $100,000 to $2,000,000 each deal. For larger deals, angel investors form syndicates to invest in a group or they invest alongside venture capital firms. This guide provides insights into how angel investors work. Click here

A lot of startup founders ask investors for money without understanding how much they really need. This guide provides insights into how much capital you really need. Click here

Understand the Venture Capitalist mindset including how they operate, the risks they are prepared to take and the types of deals they do. Click here

This guide provides insights as to why most entrepreneurs decide to raise capital as opposed to waiting or using ones own savings. It also covers some of the strategies for raising capital. Click here

The four sources of capital include angel investors, venture capital, crowdfunding and debt. The guide provides a good overview of each source of capital available to your business. Click here

This guide provides a detailed look at venture capital firms, what they are, how they operate and invest, and how to contact their representatives. We also detail the venture capital investment phase and when they expect to cash out from each investment. Click here

Sharing Your Idea

Many of us are quite paranoid when it comes to sharing our business ideas with other people. This guide provides good insights to how to share your ideas. Click here

Asking for money from friends and family to start or grow your business may seem like a good idea. However, this strategy does come with risk. Click here

You should decide whether to raise the capital you require for your business either all at once or step by step. This guide provides the perfect resources to determine the best strategy. Click here

Learn about the difference between a business plan and pitch deck. Create an investor presentation that will help you impress investors and attract funding. Click here

The valuation of your business is important, as it will determine the amount of equity you provide your investors in exchange for their investment. Use this guide to help strike the right balance. Click here

Milestones help demonstrate progress in your startup company and are a very important tool for raising capital from both angel investors and venture capital firms. Click here

Most businesses will receive external funds from either debt or equity or both. Read this guide to understand them better and how you can use each one to your advantage. Click here

Download our free investor ready worksheets. Over 24 free worksheets with guides to help you at every stage of your business from startup to growth stage. Click here

Download our free pitch deck template. Includes all the key headings you need to cover. It also includes a simple guide to help you create the perfect pitch deck. Click here

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