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Fast Growth Technology Companies

We invest in established and revenue generating companies that list and use the Canadian stock markets as a launch pad to expand into the US and North America.

Access to our Portfolio

Access any of our investment opportunities and only invest in the ones that fit your personal criteria. Your investment is done directly in the Company.

We have a co-investment model that invites investors (individuals, family offices, trusts, corporations, small institutions) to invest along side Shape Capital.

Profile of companies we invest in:

Proven Business Models with growing revenue and established distribution sales channels
Global Footprint with a clear sales distribution pathway into new markets.
Focus on technology companies including Fintech & payments, SaaS, Enterprise Software, Consumer Tech, IOT, Cloud, and Security.
Strong Pipeline of news flow, deep sales funnels, growth within their existing customer base.
Good valuation and price entry point.

New Opportunity: Financial Technology Company

Provides large enterprise clients include banks, insurance, and global telecommunication firms. It provides the core infrastructure and tools to enable clients to better engage with their customers using innovative payment and loyalty solutions. With a proven business model, it earns platform fees (up to $1M per client) plus transaction fees (up to 12%) on every end-user interaction.

  • Profitable with proven business model.
  • Processed over $116 Million in transactions in the past 12 months.
  • New large customer contracts closing soon. Very active sales pipeline.
  • Expecting to reach over 4.3 million end-users by end of 2020.
  • Established in 2016, with a team of 50 engineers.
  • Listing on the CSE.

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New Opportunity: Geospatial & IOT Company

Software and engineering company that has developed, patented and commercialized innovative spatial, predictive, approximation technology that turns any sensor, camera or smartphone device into a target co-ordinate acquisition system. It solves critical problems for government and industry customers operating in infrastructure and asset management, emergency management and incident response markets.

  • Registered patents in Canada, USA, Australia, NZ,  Korea, Japan and China.
  • Generating revenue and has full suite of geospatial and IOT products.
  • Established sales distribution partners via large Telcos.
  • Listing on the CSE.

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New Opportunity: Payment Platform For Social Media

Developed a payment platform and app that allows celebrities and influencers to charge fans for access to their premium content on social media.

  • Launched with a marketplace of celebrities on the platform with a combined 7 million fan base
  • Fans pay monthly fee to access VIP channel. Company receives 25% of all fees. Started generating revenue with growing active users.
  • Signed a dozen agreements with exclusive agencies that refer celebrities to the Company
  • Database of over 1000 celebrities with over 150 million fan base
  • Secured deal with Fox Spots
  • Listing on the CSE

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Our Portfolio

SQID Technologies (CSE:SQID)

SQID is a payment processor with proprietary software for online debit or credit card payments. It provides merchant services and transaction processing to business merchants and ecommerce customers across both ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) and ‘Business to Consumer’ (B2C) segments to bridge both retail and wholesale transactions through its platform.

Latest Results:
Over $4M Cash at bank
H1, 2020, Revenue: $3.9M.
H1, 2020, Net Profit Before Tax: $316,583
H1, 2020, Transactional Volume: $104,076,082
H1, 2020, 21% Growth

First Growth Funds (CSE:FGFL)

First Growth Funds has access to investment opportunities that are not readily available to the broader investment community. Its shareholders gain exposure to a diversified asset portfolio of listed and unlisted equities with high growth potential. It takes advantage of special situation opportunities to make big returns on investments. It also runs an operating advisory business to negotiate a strong position with favourable valuation & terms and also assists with further capital raising, M&A and exit strategies for its portfolio companies.

FY20 net income of $2,293,838 and booked $1,164,339 in adjusted net profit after tax. During the period it had $2,093,870 increase in cash to $4,349,767 plus $4,793,190 of investments (on a cost basis). First Growth Funds has a strong balance sheet of over $9M in cash and assets (on a cost basis) with no debt. It expects the growth momentum to continue with a number of its investments to mature over the next 12 months.