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We are angel investors that invest in startups

We invest our own funds and also raise capital from our investor network of over 20,000 Angel Investors and Venture Capital Investors

Raise from $250,000 to $10 Million

We invest up to $250,000 of our own funds and also raise between $250,000 to $10 Million from our angel investor network.

We invest in early stage startups and also established companies from any industry. If your application for funding is not successful the first time, you can always re-apply anytime for free. We also help you get investor ready.

Submit Your Application for Funding

7% Commission is paid out of the funds raised
We will co-invest in your business up to $250,000
Our Process

We aim to match you to the right investor based on your business stage and funding needs. We work with founders looking for seed funding for their ideas and also established companies looking for expansion capital.

Our Investment Criteria: Check your eligibility for investment here. We have access to over 20,000 investors in Australia, USA and Europe. These include venture capital, business angel investors, high net-worth investors and corporate venture funds.

We have access to over 20,000 angel investors

We have access to small and large venture firms with $50 Million to $1 Billion in funds to invest. Our investor network covers all major industries that invest in early stage startups as well as established companies seeking pre-IPO funding. If you have a good opportunity to invest in, we will find an investor.

Frequent Asked Questions

How Does Your Success Fee Work?
We charge a 7% commission on any funds raised. If we are not successful in raising capital, there is no fee. In most cases we will opt to re-invest our commission back into your business and take a small shareholding. This provides confidence to investors.
What information do I need for my application?
We have included an online form with our application process. It takes about 10 minutes to fill in and you have the option to also attach your pitch deck, business plan or short presentation. If you don’t have any of these documents ready you can still apply for funding. Before we present your business to investors we will always help you polish your pitch deck and make it investor ready. We also have a number of free tools and pitch deck templates we can share with you.
What industries do you invest in?
We have access to investors with interests in every industry vertical. Rather than focus only on one industry, we place greater weight on the business opportunity you are pursuing and your management team.
What are the typical funding sizes?
For early stage Seed Investments we typically see investment rounds of $250,000 to $2M. For established companies these can be between $2M to $10M. We can assist companies at any stage of their development – from startup to pre-IPO.
Why do I have to pay the Application Fee?
We charge a small $220 application fee. It is important that your application is not crowded out by frivolous submissions. We want to ensure we give your business opportunity the consideration it deserves. We take our time to review your application and seriously consider all the funding options for you. We provide valuable feedback to every applicant. The application fee is non-refundable.
What happens if my Application is successful?
We work with you to refine and polish your pitch deck and investor presentations. We’ll then present and promote your business to our network of investors and negotiate the terms of your fundraising.
What happens if my Application is NOT successful?
As well as determining suitability for funding, we provide you with a valuable report including feedback and advice on your business, strategies to get investor ready, and much more.
Is Shape Capital Licensed under ASIC?
Yes! Shape Capital is an investment and advisory firm, operating under a financial services license. Corporate Authorised Representative of AFSL No: 224034
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